Allyson Parham (She/Her)

Master Groomer


Allyson joined the Laundromutt in 2021 and is a certified dog groomer through the National Dog Groomers Association of America in both non-sporting and terriers and working towards her sporting and master certification. She started in Richmond, Virginia where in 2014 her passion for dogs and fascination with behavior lead her to becoming a dog trainer. In 2016, Allyson wanted a more creative outlet and she began her journey into dog grooming. Allyson consistently strives to continue learning by attending private lessons and seminars. She hopes to participate in competitive grooming in the near future. Allyson enjoys doing cute personality trims on all breeds and working with Poodles, Schnauzers and Portuguese Water Dogs. In her spare time she still enjoys dog training by taking classes and participating in sports with her two poodles. Between the two of them she has helped them earn several titles and mastered over 40 tricks! It’s safe to say her dogs run her life but when she isn’t training she enjoys reading, painting, traveling and did we mention spending time with her dogs?