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How often should my dog get a haircut?

We recommend your dog be groomed every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain clean and healthy ears, nails, skin, and coat.

How often should I clip and or file my dogs nails?

Every dog is different but typically to maintain short healthy nails we recommend they be trimmed every 4 weeks. To get your dogs nails shorter, we recommend once a week to every 2 weeks. We also recommend nail filing as it smooths rough edges and gets nails just a bit shorter.

What vaccinations do you require?

We require rabies as per state law but we do recommend you follow your veterinarian’s vaccination schedule to protect your pet.

What happens if my dog has fleas?

We do require a mandatory flea bath for any dog that comes in with 3 or more fleas. In these cases an additional $25+ will be added to the total cost of the groom. We do recommend you treat your home and vehicle to prevent any further flea issues. You should apply topical flea preventative 3 days before or after grooming.

What does grooming cost?

Our grooming menu includes a base price determined by your dogs weight and type of service. Since every dog is different, we will sometimes need to adjust the price for factors such as your dogs coat, breed, age, behavior and frequency of appointments.

We will always give you a price before you leave your pet with us, so there are no surprises! If we encounter anything during the groom that would require an additional cost, we will call you immediately for your permission. If you’d like an estimate for your service try using our quote estimator!


Do I need an appointment?

You do not need an appointment to use self service it is a walk-in service available 7 days a week! Mon – Sat 9 am -6:45 pm and Sunday 9 am – 4:45 pm.

What do I need to bring?

Just your dog! We provide everything you’ll need: shampoo, towels, dryers, aprons and a knowledgable staff that will help you every step of the way. You might want to wear old clothes–there’s a chance you’ll get wet!

How often can my dog be washed?

As long as you are using appropriate shampoos and your dog has no pre-existing medical conditions you can wash your dog as often as every week! 

Do I need to provide any vaccination records for my dog when I use self service?

We do not need to see any vaccination records for you to wash your dog


What does my dog do all day?

Every dog gets 3 training sessions per day, each training session lasting 20 minutes. There are also numerous potty and water breaks available to pups as well as an optional lunch time. Occasionally we will offer play time at the end of the day. When a pup is not with a trainer they are in kennels or otherwise contained for their safety.

How long are courses?

All of our courses are 10 weeks long with attendance 2x per week. This includes OBD 100, OBD 101, OBD 201, OBD 301, LSH 101, and GRM 101.

For drop in activities there is no requirements for attendance

What is covered in each course?

For OBD 100:

Handling, socialization, markers, name recognition, leash work, sit, down, grooming exposure, recall, drop it, wait, relaxation, attention seeking behaviors, appropriate play with people, nail trims, ear cleaning, confidence boosters, leave it, Teeth cleaning, loose leash walking, bathing, sit stay, down stay, unprompted sit, outdoor manners

OBD 101:

Socialization, marker word, name recognition, leash work, sit, down, grooming exposure, recall, handler focus, hold, tug, drop it, wait, leave it, relaxation, loose leash walking, heel, unprompted sit, outdoor manners, practicing for Canine Good Citizen test

OBD 201:

Heel, proofing sit & down, recall, place, wait, grooming, fast & slow pace, Turn left & right, stairs, outdoor obedience, distracted recall, retrieval, halt, preparing for Urban Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine tests: Loose leash in a crowd, group sit stay, distance sit and down stay, walking through door at handler’s side, auto sit/down when handler sits.

OBD 301:

Figure eights, stop, drop it, drop down, hurdles, stand stays, sit in front, 180 degree turns, side steps, weave, switch sides, 270 degree turns, 360 degree turns.

LSH 101:

Building eye contact, free heel, automatic sits/halts, touch, back, indoor leash work, building focus, identify outdoor triggers, minimize distance before reaction

GRM 101:

Standing on table, sound desensitization, handling, brushing, nail trim, nail file, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, bathing, and drying

What are your prices?

Drop in activities: $99

Courses paid per day: $90

Courses paid per month: $650


What vaccinations are required to attend Kindermutt?

We require dogs to be current on the following vaccinations: rabies, distemper/parvo, and Bordetella (kennel cough). We also require dogs to be on a flea preventative.

My dog has fleas. Can they still come to day school?

We ask that you keep your dog home until the fleas have been treated so as not to pass them on to our other clients. All dogs will get quickly checked for fleas at check-in as a precaution. If fleas are discovered on your dog, they will be given a mandatory $25 flea bath and placed in a separate area for immediate pick-up.

My dog has a cough. Can they still come to day school?

We ask that you keep a sick dog at home until they are feeling better so as not to pass any illness on to other clients. If your dog is coughing excessively or displaying other signs of illness, they will be placed in a separate area for immediate pick-up. Kennel cough is an extremely contagious but typically mild illness. Much like a cold or flu going around a child’s daycare, it can spread very quickly between dogs in day school. Vaccination does not provide a guarantee that your dog will not contract kennel cough, but it often results in a milder case. The best defense we have against kennel cough is to keep sick dogs home so they do not infect other dogs.

How often does my dog go outside?

We take the dogs outside in our fenced-in yard several times a day, usually before their training sessions.


What happens if I’m late picking my dog up?

We know that sometimes your day does not go according to plan. We offer late pick-up from 5:30 pm to 7 pm for a small $5 fee. In the event you will be later than 7:00 pm, we suggest first calling your Authorized Person to pick up your dog for you. If you are up to 30 minutes late, we will charge a $20 late pick-up fee. After that, we will charge $10 for every additional fifteen minutes. 

Can my dog have lunch?

Absolutely! Just pack their lunch in a clear plastic bag or plastic tupperware with their name clearly written and give it to us at drop-off. Your dog will be put in an individual pen/kennel between 12 and 1 pm so they can eat their lunch uninterrupted.

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