A new, neighborhood day school

Request Evaluation
Answer a few questions about your pup on our evaluation request form
Talk with a trainer
After reviewing your evaluation form, our staff will call you to create a day school schedule for your pup. Choose from our drop in activities or enroll your pup in one of our courses
Relax while your pup learns
After your pups schedule has been created all you have to do is drop off him/her off and relax. At pick up your trainer will update you on how your pup did and how we taught the lessons! To book future lessons just scroll down to access our online scheduling link!



If you have any questions about our new training program please email kindermutt@gmail.com and stay tuned for more details to come!


Small Facility
Individual Attention
Fun Activities
Mon. – Wed. 7:30 – 5:30p



Drop in Lesson

No attendance requirements, choose up to three activities for your pup to do throughout the day


Course (Per Day)

Enroll in one of our programs. Choose from OBD 100-401, LSH 101, RCT 101, GRM 101, TRK 101-401, FIT 101-201, or NSW 101. Attendance is required 2x per week


Course (10 Pack)

Enroll in one of our programs. Choose from OBD, LSH 101, RCT 101, GRM 101, TRK 101-401, FUN 101, or NSW 101. Packs expire in one year after purchase and saves you up to $25/visit!

Our Facilities

Our facility includes a large indoor room for our pups to play and learn, an out door area for bathroom breaks, lots of enrichment equipment, and so much more!