Corina Stammworthy (She/Her)

Founder & Owner


In 2012, Corina adopted a lab puppy named Luna. Luna loved getting dirty, and Corina’s house only had a small shower. After exploring many options and falling down the grooming rabbit hole, Corina opened The Laundromutt self-service dog spa in 2013. The premise was to give owners all the equipment and tools that grooming professionals use, and empower owners to be able to care for their dogs themselves. Corina has a background in the sciences, and received her Biology B.S. and Biotechnology M.S. from SUNY at Buffalo. She is passionate about using evidence-based practices in grooming, and frequently teaches seminars on sanitation and vaccination at grooming shows across the country. In 2020 she won the Barkleigh Honors Award for Contribution to the Industry for her work in helping groomers navigate the safety measures involved with the COVID-19 outbreak. When she is not in the shop, she spends her time as an adjunct instructor at NCCC, and enjoys making cocktails and visiting National Parks with her partner Andrew and their labs, Luna and Loki.


Loki & Luna