Glo McDonald (She/Her)

General Manager


Glo moved to Buffalo in 2016 and joined the Laundromutt team in 2018. Back then, she was a part-time salon assistant and has worked her way up to manage all things at The Mutt! She is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area where she worked as an actor and co-ran her own theatre company for many years. In addition to her many years in the arts, she also worked for Scrub-A-Pup in California as a bather and was a pet sitter and dog walker. Glo has a deep interest in leadership as well as building a rich culture within The Mutt; she is particularly in love with de-skunking dogs too! When Glo is not in the salon, you can usually find her getting weird with her improv group, working on developing a new show (which she just finished her first artist residency on), or hanging out with the world's most perfect cat Poppy.


Poppy The Floppy Pooter